Leilah Moon

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Leilah began teaching bellydance in the winter of 2013/2014. As a teacher, she develops a curriculum that conditions the body for dance before delving into the multifaceted cultural aspects, movement technique, and vocabulary. She offers classes at Rendezvous at the Beginner and Intermediate level.

Technique class format includes: (1) beginning with stretching to awaken and activate muscles and improve flexibility (2) drills and conditioning of the legs, arms, and abdominal muscles to prep them for movement, and to improve physical fitness and toning of the body, (3) Breakdown technique of select movements as well as body alignment and posture, often including choreography or combos to enhance memory and to apply movements learned. (4) Cool down stretches are where flexibility can be increased and muscles can begin to recover.

Leilah's Bellydance Cardio Class is designed to get blood flowing with movements inspired by several different styles of bellydance. The focus is conditioning the body for bellydance through full body strengthening, low impact cardio, and feminine movement; most of the class is spent in constant movement similar to Zumba or other dance-cardio formats. No experience required!