Episode 58a: Sacramento and Hot Pot


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Hey YIPpers! We are BACK! From outer space! We just danced in and saw you there (listening to less exciting, less bellydancey podcasts) with that sad look upon your face! Okay, enough of that…IT’S BEEN A WHILE! (Sorry about that…) But we have not “pod faded” (a term that Tammy introduced me to; it’s kind of a cute term, but a sad state for any podcast). We just were a bit busy. We return to the virtual airwaves with not one but TWO episodes chronicling our summer adventures in California (yes, last summer, we said it’s been a while…DON’T JUDGE). This episode contains one magical music spotlight, a brand new “What’s that Instrument?” focus, a few interviews from some Sac Town Hot Pot-ers (Hot Pot = Amy Sigil’s studio) and a bunch of random giggling. You’re welcome!!