Episode 41: The Husbands Speak!

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Two of our favorite bellydancer husbands swing by the YIP studios to share their thoughts on bellydance and marriage! George Perez and Ismael “June” Alsina both dote on their lovely wives (Carol and Keely, respectively). One wife dances classical bellydance, one dances tribal fusion – what drama will ensue when these two combatants enter the ring?!?

Just kidding! We’re all friends here…sorry if you were looking forward to some drama! 🙂

Mary also indulges her love for pop music and Tammy plugs an event taught by George’s lovely wife (and friend of YIP) – Carol!

Also a Quick Note: In case anyone was curious, Keely (June’s wife) has had their baby since the recording of this episode. Mom and Baby are both healthy and happy!