Learn All About the Music of Animus

Learn All About the Music of Animus


Animus is having a concert and having belly dancers preform with them at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on January 8th. You can purchase tickets for the show online at http://tickets.worldcafelive.com/event/982983/, but in the meantime get to know the band.

How would you describe your music styles?
Eastern Mediterranean World Fusion

What background of music do your musicians have experience in?
We have experience in the a wide variety of musical styles and traditions: Greek, Middle Eastern, Latin, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Heavy Metal, African, Electronic, Experimental… etc.

How did everyone come to be with the band and interested in working with belly dancers?
The band started out as an acoustic guitar duo and eventually developed into a larger ensemble. Bill K. grew up around Greek and Middle Eastern Music and dance. As a result, the groups music and performances led to a natural collaboration with dancers.

Do you use any unique instruments?
Bouzouki, Oud, Doumbek, Conga, Cajon, Accordion, Cumbus, various Percussion

Where are you all from?
We are all based in the Philadelphia and surrounding area.

Where do you preform?
World Cafe Live and many other venues, festivals, public and private events.

What dancers have preformed with you?
Lots… Azhia, Nyla, Meesha, Jeni, Kiri, Khuzama, Rena, Fatima, Kun-Yang Lin, Sharaz, Hipnosis, East Coast Shimmies, Valerina…

Do you preform at any dance festivals?
Raq Your Love, Fuzefest

Why do you live preforming with dancers?
Music and dance are expressions that compliment each other in extraordinary ways… they embody each other and react to each other…

It looks like you do the world cafe show in Philadelphia once a year, is that correct?
We do two shows there a year: one in summer and one in winter.

Do you always do an open call for dancers?
Depends on the event. World Cafe Live is a venue where we are free to create any show we want so I try to open it up a bit.

How do you pick who preforms with you?
For World Cafe Live I send out an open call to dancers and then go with whoever contacts me first.

Who is preforming with you this year?
This show will feature ANIMUS with Shushanna, Nyla, Meesha, Jeni, Angelica, Mariana, East Coast Shimmies.

Learn more about the band on their website.