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Infusion Emporium Presents: Leo Orchidaceae & Alexis Southall

March 25, 2017 @ 10:00 am - March 26, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Leo is coming back to Wolverhampton! YAY!

Leo & Alexis will teach a weekend of workshops, giving you tools to work with from their individual styles – from Tribal Fusion to Waving, Popping, Hip Hop, House and more 🙂

All workshops will take place at Colton Hills School, Jeremy Road, Wolverhampton. Options to pay per workshop or book everything for a discounted rate!

Whole weekend: £120. See descriptions for individual workshop prices.

Booking: http://www.infusionemporium.com/leo-alexis


Saturday 25th March

10-1: Leo Orchidaceae – Body Awareness for Dancers (3 hrs) – £35
From the study of anatomy and biomechanics, we will understand how the body works and how we can increase body awareness. “Which muscle do we use for each action? How do we work it
and how do we recover it?” This workshop is meant for dancers, working on anatomy, movement analysis, soft tissue manipulation, flexibility and postural reeducation.

1:30-3: Alexis Southall – Seamless & Smooth (1.5 hrs) – £18
The word seamless suggests that the join between two things is not visible. This is a core characteristic of Tribal Fusion Bellydance. The key to nailing it is figuring out the ideal transitions between each individual movement. We will spend some time drilling a few combinations of movements that play with this quality of never ending movement of energy in the body.

3-5: Leo Orchidaceae – Waving & Liquid Motion (2 hrs) – £27
We will learn how to wave, how to be soft and to decompose the waving motion. We will go from fluidity to staccato, studying the arms and body movement. We will research in different movement qualities, exploring density and speed.

Sunday 26th March

12-2: Alexis Southall – Twist & Shake (2 hrs) – £25
A good old fashioned hip work class! We are going to be drilling variations on twists, 3/4 and 4/4 hip locks and shimmies, pelvic locks, V’s and pyramids, and sticking it all together with upper body layers and footwork. By the end of class we’ll have tried all this hip work with different timings, speeds, downbeats and qualities of movement.

2-5: Leo Orchidaceae – Footwork (3 hrs) – £35
Let’s go to the legs and feet. The bases of this workshop are Hip Hop, Popping, Tap Dance and House Dance Footwork, exploring the motion of the lower body. We will increase the vocabulary for layering and new possibilities for fusion dancers.


About Leo:

Leo was born in Lisbon in 1979.
She graduated In Sports Science in 2002. In 2003 had her first contact with Street Dance in a Hip Hop Dancers formation. But it was in 2005 that started travelling to New York City and Los Angeles to really start studying the different dance styles in Hip Hop.

In 2006 Butterfliesoulflow was born, an Hip Hop crew of female artists. Since 2006, deepened and specialized her knowledge in Hip Hop, House Dance, Popping and Tap Dance.
Since 2005 she travels frequently to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Stockholm, taking classes in several dance schools (Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, Juste
Debout Dance School, Millenium Dance Complex), with the precursors of each style. Still in 2006, Butterfliesoulflow Crew started being sponsored by Eastpak and RedBull.

In 2009, was invited to join Jukebox Crew, a project that gathers the best dancers of Street Dance in Portugal. Jukebox was the official Crew of Rock in Rio – Lisbon, Street Dance Stage in 2012 and 2014.

In 2013, she starts working with Piny Orchidaceae in Dance Fusion duets. In 2013, Leo is invited to join Orchidaceae Urban Tribal. Currently she teaches Hip Hop and House Dance at Jazzy Dance Studios, in Lisbon. Teaches several workshops in Portugal, Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Brest, Padova, Wolverhampton, Liège, Bratislava, Berlin and San Francisco and participates in several dance competitions, stage performances, videoclips and publicity commercials. She was also the artistic
director and choreographer of Jazzy Dance Crew.

At the same time, in 2012 Leo starts her studies in Quiromassage and Osteopathy, in Kiros Institute, creating a more specific approach to the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the Human Body allowing a more conscious and aware exploration of movement. In 2016, Leo finishes her degree in Structural, Visceral and Craneal Osteopathy and continues studying and developing her knowledge working as an Osteopath and Manual Therapist.

About Alexis:

Dancer. Instructor. Choreographer. Director. Producer. Alexis Southall is a professional dancer from Wolverhampton working internationally, sharing her extensive knowledge and love of fusion bellydance. Since beginning her life in bellydance in 2006 with Karen Price in Wolverhampton, Alexis has studied broadly with some of the most prolific dancers in the field. In recent years, she has focused her studies to train extensively with her most influential teachers: Zoe Jakes, Amy Sigil, Suhaila Salimpour and, most recently, Piny and Leo Orchidaceae. She is a Level 4 UNMATA ITS instructor, Level 3 Mat Pilates instructor, and is certified Level 2 of Zoe Jakes’ DanceCraft and Jamila Salimpour formats, and Level 1 in Suhaila Salimpour format.

As well as her extensive solo work, Alexis has had the honour to work on many collaborative projects and be a guest dancer in projects with the likes of Olivia Kissel’s HYBRID Dance Project, Ambrosia Dance Company, UNMATA and Ashley Lopez, and toured in the production of Bellydance Evolution’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on its European debut. She is choreographer and director of the Juniper Project and Wreck It, and producer of the annual fusion dance festival Infusion Emporium. Outside of dance, Alexis loves to travel, dabbles in organisational psychology research, and is an avid orchid collector.


March 25, 2017 @ 10:00 am
March 26, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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Alexis Southall


Colton Hills Community School
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