Shimmy Support is a website resource for those in the belly dance community. Find class, teachers, dance guides, music, events, and so much more. Most importantly Shimmy Support provides a way to get to know your fellow dancers and share in this great community. Teachers also have a way to create a web presence and get their classes out there and easily accessible to dancers.

There is a focus on sharing what is happening in both your local and the larger belly dance community. Shimmy Support also aims to provide a greater knowledge of all the events and teachers available to dancers. In addition there is the ability to ask questions and communicate with fellow dancers. Overall the goal is to bridge the gaps and make the belly dance community larger by bringing in new dancers, share events, and provide a hub on the web to share with other dancers.

This site is built for and dedicated to the belly dance community. If there is anything that you think would improve the site we would love to hear about it.

Staff Members

Katie – Founder of Shimmy Support

Katie - Founder of Shimmy SupportKatie Montella is Philadelphia based tribal fusion belly dancer. She currently studies with Vikki Gale of Tribal Bellies Studios, and is the founder Shimmy Support. Katie has been belly dancing since 2010 studying a variety of belly dance styles, but mostly is a tribal fusion and ITS belly dancer. She started belly dance while at Penn State, and became President of the Penn State Belly Dance Club. She also studied with Diana Shahein, Haifa, and Pam Ames joining both Haifa and Pam’s student troupes. In addition she has studied with an array of professional belly dancers: Anasma, Aneena, Elisheva, Leila Haddad, Irina Akulenko, Sera Solstice, Suhaila Salimpour, Kami Liddle, Zoe Jakes, April Rose, and several others. Currently she is a member of Continuum, Daughters of the Hip, Philadelphia P.U.R.E., Khil Kamal and Persephone Rising.

Keely – Editor/SEO

Keely - Editor/SEOAs a Jersey native, Keely always enjoyed the energy of big cities and the fast-paced life of the marketing world. She attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she majored in fashion marketing, and her love of fashion resulted in an internship at Catherine Malandrino in Manhattan, New York. Marketing, advertising and customer service have always been among Keely’s many passions, starting from her long run as a paper girl during middle school, where she learned great customer service goes a long way. Her first job out of college was at an online luggage retailer, where she worked her way up from part-time web merchandiser to full-time web merchandiser and head customer service rep. As a web merchandiser, her interest piqued in the behind-the-scenes work of increasing conversions and rankings, which launched her move on to SEO. Keely has worked at both small boutique agencies to global agencies, where she is now.